About Us

The Nu Agency is an energetic and talented creative agency, set center stage in Sheffield’s industrial heartland, Kelham Island. Our core skills focus on graphic design, branding and digital. We blend intelligent creativity with a sincere collaborative approach, consistently delivering powerful results for our clients. Most importantly, our business is built on a foundation of warmth, heart and an all-round positive attitude.

Put simply: Great work created by genuine people.

How We Do It

We treat all our clients businesses like we treat our own. If our clients are successful, we are successful. We get on with the work and focus on the results we can deliver. Informal but professional, we’ll understand your ideas but broaden your thinking.

What We Do

We take ideas and make them a reality. We get to the very core of each and every project, working hard to fulfill their utmost potential. We deliver strong results across a multitude of media, taking great pride in how they resonate with our clients and their companies.